Values & Principles

Scotmid is a co-operative society, which means that we are guided by the values and principles adopted by all co-operatives. We aim to provide the best possible services for our members and to invest in the communities where they live.

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Our values:

  • Self-help – we help people to help themselves.
  • Self-responsibility – we take responsibility for our actions.
  • Democracy – we give our members a say in the way we run our business.
  • Equality – all members get one vote no matter how much money they invest.
  • Equity – we carry out business in a way that is fair and unbiased.
  • Solidarity – we share interests with our members and other co-operatives.

Our principles – putting values into practice:

  • Voluntary and open membership – membership is open to anyone aged 16 and over as long as they live in an area served by Scotmid.
  • Democratic member control – all members have an equal voice in making policies and electing representatives.
  • Member economic participation – all profits are controlled democratically by members and for their benefit.
  • Education, training and information – co-operatives educate and develop their members as well as their staff.
  • Autonomy and independence – co-operatives are always independent, even when they enter into agreements with Government and other organisations.
  • Co-operation amongst co-operatives – co-operatives work together to strengthen the co-operative movement as a whole.
  • Concern for community – co-operatives work to improve and develop the community, locally and internationally.