Scotmid Community Orchard – Full Terms & Conditions

Within the application, the applicant named, must confirm that they agree to the following on behalf of the applying organisation:
a Trees/bushes will be purchased and planted in the year funding is awarded.
b I/we have permission to plant on the land specified
c I/we will tag trees with tree tags supplied by Scotmid
d I/we will provide updates when requested
e I/we will send photos containing group members and trees/bushes to at key stages – including planting and harvesting. All photos are assumed, by Scotmid, to have full consents for print/publication online and in print.

1. To be successful, the applicant must:
1.1 Be a group or individual acting for the wider benefit of the local community
1.2 Live within the geographic boundaries of one of our Regional Committees

2.1 Applications are welcomed from groups including: local community, self-help or voluntary groups and charities (including local branches of national charities) or individuals acting for the benefit of the local community.

The following list sets out the type of groups and activities excluded from Scotmid funding.
Excluded Groups:
3.1 Groups other than community, self-help and voluntary groups – Groups
which use their surplus for the benefit of an individual or business
3.2 Auxiliary groups of Scotmid
3.3 Overseas charities – Scotmid aims to support local communities and therefore overseas charities are excluded.

The terms and conditions below set out the relationship between Scottish Midland Co-operative Society Limited (Scotmid) and you as an individual or your group.

If you have any questions or would like help to fully understand the terms & conditions, contact the Membership and Community Team:

4.1 Scotmid can ask you for extra information to support your application.
4.2 The amount we provide is final and we will not increase it if you overspend or have worked out your costs incorrectly.
4.3 If you do not spend all the grant provided, you must return any unspent money to us within six months of receipt of the grant.
4.4 Scotmid will not be responsible for any expenditure (on assets, equipment, or your project) you have incurred before you receive our letter confirming details of the funding provided.
4.5 From time to time, Scotmid may use your name and address in any publicity about the funding. We may also choose to advertise the award on our website or in the press, please advise if you are unwilling to agree to this.
4.6 Subject to our approval you may have the opportunity to promote the funding in all publicity relating to your project.
4.7 If requested, successful applicants must agree to provide a report on how their funding was used and the benefits experienced by the local community as a result.
4.8 Projects being carried out with help from Scotmid may be required to be verified.
4.9 You must agree to co-operate with us on any follow-up visits.
4.10 Scotmid can ask you to return the funding in full if we find that you have used it for a purpose other than that set out in your application.
4.11 If any of the Society’s assets (such as marketing banners or props) have been provided you must return them to you to your local Scotmid or Semichem store and confirm to the Membership and Community Team that you have done so.
4.12 The decision on your application is final and they may choose not to answer any of your questions about the decision.
4.13 Scotmid may withhold all or part of the funding, or recover all or part of any payment from you, if we discover that:
– you have broken any part in this agreement;
– any information in the application form or a supporting document was
incorrect or misleading;
– your group or the project ends for any reason.