Alexandra Williamson

Full name:  Alexandra Williamson

Length of Society Membership:  55 years

Length of Service on the Regional Committee:  40 years

I joined the Board of Directors of St. Cuthbert’s Co-operative Association in July 1978.   On 17 May 1984 I was appointed to Central Board of Scotmid and by 1989. I was the senior lady in terms of years of service on that Board. Recently I was reading a report I had written at that time and was explaining that it is people that are important within the co-operative movement. It is the individual, their hopes, beliefs, aspirations and influence that really makes our movement different.  I hope that rings true for each of you today. It still does for me. It is not always easy to be a member of the Board. The decisions we require to take are far reaching and are not taken lightly. Scotmid has to adapt to the many changes we face in a future that is so uncertain at this time. I hope to bring my knowledge and experience to the table and together with my colleagues, the senior management and the staff continue to see steady progress in the challenge that is the retail sector within Scotland.