Keith Kelly

Full name:  Keith Kelly

Length of Society Membership:  30 years

Length of Service on the Regional Committee:  9 years

I have been an Employee and member of the Society for over 30 years.

Throughout my continuous service within the movement, I have predominantly worked within the Food Division, securing my first management position at the age of 19 and since then furthered my career, thus improving my personal profile and management training portfolio.

I am proud to have represented Members on the Members Relation Committee and latterly the Regional Committee for the past 7 years and remain committed to contributing positively toward the future success of Scotmid.

I believe that I can continue to provide a fresh and positive approach to the Regional Committee. Within the current climate I recognise that Scotmid’s audience is changing and appealing to a wider, more informed younger demographic and therefore I believe I will continue to offer the Regional Committee a youthful perspective.  Furthermore, I strongly support and encourage embedding regular feedback as a culture that will enable greater engagement within the membership.

I enjoy playing an active and vocal role in the Regional Committee and would be proud to continue this involvement and, if elected, it would be more than a privilege to represent members of the East Region going forward.