Members Card Trial – Terms & Conditions


Members of the ‘500 Trial’ have been pre-selected from over 6000 Scotmid Membership Card applicants. The trial commences on Wednesday 27th February 2013 and no further Scotmid Co-operative members will be added to the trial.

Use of the Members card

Cards are not transferable and must only be used by the named cardholder.

Under no circumstances can the card be given to another person to use either in the cardholders presence or absence.

Any misuse/abuse of the card will result in the card being withdrawn immediately.

Other information

Cards remain the property of the Society and any loss or damage must be reported immediately to the Membership and Community Team.

The Society reserves the right not to issue replacement cards.

This member’s card may be amended or withdrawn at any time.  The member’s card is administered by the Corporate Communications Department, whose decision will be final in respect of any queries concerning the card.

The trial will consist of six varying offers throughout 2013.

Data Protection Notice: Members card data is processed for management and business analysis purposes.  The onus is on the card user to understand the rules or seek clarification if unsure.

Members Card Procedure

The card permits the bearer to receive free single use carrier bags when purchasing goods from Scotmid stores.

As part of a 500 member’s trial the bearer will also be eligible to additional offers which will be communicated separately to the trial participants.  The offers can only be redeemed once and are subject to availability.

Present the Members Card at the beginning of the transaction.  When the Cashier sub totals the purchases, the offer will be automatically calculated and deducted from your total.