Results of Election 2022

Five nominations were received from the East Regional Committee for the three places to serve 3 year terms of office.  Following a contested election Eddie Thorn, Andrew Clark Hutchison and David Paterson were re-elected to serve.

Results of Regional Committee Elections 2022

At the Annual General Meetings held in Edinburgh on Monday 25 April 2022 and in Bellshill and Montrose on Tuesday 26 April 2022 there were elections to serve on the Regional Committees.

East Regional Committee

3 places for 3 year terms: Andrew Clark Hutchison, Jim Mackenzie, David Paterson and Eddie Thorn.

2 places for 2 year terms: The Board nominated Jim Hendrie and Derek Costello to fill 2 of the 3 vacancies arising from the retirement of Jane Reid and resignations of Bryan Pottinger and Nicci Hill. As the elections were uncontested, Jim Hendrie and Derek Costello were elected to serve.

West Regional Committee

 3 places for 3 year terms: Martine Nolan, Kaye Harmon and Charles Sim

1 place for a 2 year term: Jim Watson.

Lakes & Dales (Penrith area)

1 place for a 3 year term: David Simpson.

North Regional Committee

There was a contested election for the terms available.

4 places for 3 year terms: Alan Macleish, Sharon McSorley, Erin Pipe and Siobhan Sandbach.