VQs Awarded in December 2015 and January 2016

Well done to the following people who completed a Vocational Qualification recently:

Stuart Mouncher Retail Management 3
Ryan Barrie Retail Skills 2
Alison Birnie Retail Skills 2
Liam Kirkman Retail Skills 2
Laura  Glancy Retail Management 3
Cameron Murray Retail Management 3
Stephanie Houston Retail Skills 2
Josh Harris Retail Skills 2
Fraser Goodall Retail Management 3
Emma Faichney Retail Skills 2
Bright Simutenda Retail Skills 2
Gary Newlands Retail Skills 2
Amanda Louise Denholm Retail Skills 2
Ryan Gray Retail Skills 2
Liam Inglis Retail Skills 2
Kristopher Smith Retail Skills 2
Shauni Mouat Retail Skills 2
Callum Docherty Retail Skills 2
Jamie Craig Hendry Cooper Retail Skills 2
Chelsey Aitken Retail Management 3

If you are interested in undertaking a VQ please contact the L&D Department. Places are dependent on external funding.

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