VQs Awarded in February and March 2016

Well done to the following people who completed a Vocational Qualification recently:

Steven Allan Retail Management 3
Sean Lafferty Retail management 3
Jade Whiteford Retail management 3
Jade Boyle Retail Skills 2
Abigail  Brown Retail Skills 2
Mark Dickson Retail Skills 2
Claire Donald Retail Skills 2
Connor Kyle Retail Skills 2
Leonie MacDonald Retail Skills 2
Robert McGrandle Retail Skills 2
Stacey Merrylees Retail Skills 2
Liam O’Byrne Retail Skills 2
Darren Polok Retail Skills 2
Liam Sibbald Retail Skills 2
Louis Seivwright Retail Skills 2
Liam Thomson Retail Skills 2
Gary Thomson Retail Skills 2
Ryan Venters Retail Skills 2
Harry Wanless Retail Skills 2
Paige Watson Retail Skills 2
Katie Young Retail Skills 2

If you are interested in undertaking a VQ please contact the L&D team. Places are dependent on external funding.

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