Scotmid Aiming to Join Forces with Police Scotland

Scotmid prides itself on being at the heart of the communities we serve, which in many respects is the same as Police Scotland.

Scotmid Co-operative has joined Police Scotland to help create more special constables throughout communities in Scotland.

Special constables are volunteer police officers who wear the same uniform, carry the same equipment and have the same powers as regular police officers.

Scotmid Co-operative are active supporters of volunteering to help communities across Scotland and are encouraging employees to consider volunteering as special constables.

Scotmid Co-operative’s Head of People and Performance Steve MacDonald said: “We are delighted to support this excellent initiative. Scotmid prides itself on being at the heart of the communities we serve, which in many respects is the same as Police Scotland.

“Those colleagues who want to be part of this will receive excellent training and support allowing them to make an even greater contribution to Scotland’s communities.”

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Cowie said: “I’m delighted Scotmid Co-operative are encouraging their workforce to volunteer with Police Scotland as special constables.

“Members of the Special Constabulary provide a vital link between policing and the public; by volunteering, individuals epitomise public-spiritedness and I know that our special constables take great pride in what they do.

“Those who volunteer bring skills and knowledge from their day job and their communities that benefit policing both locally and nationally.

“I personally value the contribution of special constables and I hope that initiatives such as this, encourage others to join us to enhance the delivery of policing.”

Scotmid Co-operative’s Regional Business Manager Steve Ferguson said: “Being a special constable has supported me with my personal development over the years, developing skills which are transferable to my day job as a Regional Business Manager.

“The role is very rewarding and enjoyable. I’ve had the pleasure of working with great people and have built lasting relationships.”

Scotmid Co-operative will support their staff, who serve as special constables by providing up to 96 hours special leave each year to carry out training or operational duties.

People can apply to become a special constable wherever they are based in Scotland.

Applicants from all backgrounds and ethnic groups are welcome. Volunteers must be 17-and-a-half years old or above to apply, but there is no upper age limit, and they must be reasonably fit and in good health.

For further information please contact Police Scotland Recruitment team.

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