Scotmid Supports GIST Support UK

Scotmid Co-operative are pleased to support GIST Support UK with a donation designed to help find improved treatment for all forms of this rare cancer.

GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumours affects both adults and children with approximately 900 new patients diagnosed in the UK every year. GIST Support UK is a small national charity that is driving research into improving the treatment available for sufferers and also educating people about the illness.

The funds donated by Scotmid will go towards significantly growing a national tissue bank to store samples of GIST tumours which can then be sent to scientists to undertake further research with the ultimate aim of finding a cure.

The charity is a cause close to the heart of Scotmid Vice President Jim Watson, who was diagnosed with GIST cancer in May 2016.

Jim said: “I’m incredibly grateful that Scotmid have made this donation to GIST Support UK.

“This is such a rare form of cancer and the help provided by GIST Support UK is extremely valuable to sufferers and carers during what is a difficult journey to go on, especially when the outcome is unknown.

“As well as growing the national tissue bank to help further research, GIST Support UK also provide important information for all those affected by the illness.  There is a private online forum hosted by GIST Support UK where you can discuss your own personal issues and people can pass on useful information and timely reassurance.”


Scotmid Vice President Jim Watson (left) pictured alongside Scotmid President Harry Cairney.

Jayne Bressington, Vice Chair of GIST Support UK, said: “We are extremely grateful to Scotmid for this generous donation to support our work.

“GIST cancer patients and their families rely upon us to represent their interests and our National GIST Tissue bank is a key part of the infrastructure we are building to accelerate research for improved treatments and a cure for GIST cancer.

“On behalf of the UK’s GIST cancer patients, sincere thanks to everyone at Scotmid for thinking of us.”

Scotmid Chief Executive John Brodie said: “We’re pleased to be able to provide support to GIST Support UK and hopefully our contribution will go towards making a big difference and change lives.

“This is a very rare form of cancer and we hope that the donation from Scotmid will go a long way towards the development of the national tissue bank and help to develop treatment.”

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