Scotmid Funeral Directors

A caring service from your local funeral director, we are here to help and guide you

We have a number of Funeral Homes across the central belt of Scotland under the names of Scotmid Co-operative Funeral Directors, Thomas Brown and Dundas Fyfe. Helping people at a difficult time by providing a caring and efficient service is our priority and our most important attribute in achieving this is through our staff who genuinely care about their clients.

Roles at Scotmid Funeral Directors

Funeral Director

Our Funeral Directors oversee the funeral from beginning to end, ensuring that they understand the client’s wishes and that these are met every step of the way. This requires our Funeral Directors to have not only exceptional empathy for our customers, but also the highest level of organisational skills to deliver their wishes. Consequently, this role works closely with all the other positions within the Funeral Business and so Funeral Directors must have, and maintain, good working relationships with all of their colleagues. This role typically requires previous experience either as an Operative or an Arranger.

Funeral Arranger

Our Funeral Arrangers are based across our network of funeral offices, providing a dedicated service to one or multiple sites. Our Arrangers are the first point of contact with our clients and it is important that they set an excellent standard of service. Arrangers will meet with clients either at home or at one of our funeral offices, to guide them through the funeral process and agree funeral arrangements. They will then proceed to ensure requests are met with colleagues and external suppliers, up to the date of the funeral. This role requires exceptional communication, organisational and interpersonal skills as well as attention to detail and the ability to assist our clients at a very difficult time.


The Embalmers role is very important. Embalmers care for our client’s loved ones by carrying out Embalming treatments and preparing the deceased for family viewings ahead of the funeral service. We know how important it is for families to see their loved ones for the last time and our Embalmers ensure that this is a positive experience by carrying out their work to exacting standards. This role requires a formal qualification.

Funeral Operative

Our Funeral Operatives undertake a number of different tasks at funerals and behind the scenes to ensuring the smooth and efficient running of a funeral. They are heavily involved in the transportation of the deceased, prior to and on the day of the funeral, by driving our fleet of cars and private ambulances. They also carry the coffin at funerals and provide support to our Funeral Directors. Behind the scenes they assist with ensuring the fleet of cars is kept to the highest standards and preparation of coffins is in accordance with the family’s requests. Our Operatives must have full driving licenses and are required to work on an on call basis.