David Paterson

Full name:  David Paterson

Length of Society Membership:  43 years

Length of Service on the Board:  6 years

Fellow Society Members, I seek your support by asking for your vote in order to continue representing you on Scotmid’s Board of Directors.

I have been privileged to represent Scotmid on its Board for the previous 6 years and have appreciated the opportunity to continue in this challenging role on your behalf.

Scotmid has provided me with the opportunity to work with other like-minded co-operators, board and committee members representing our members this is a unique and rewarding experience. I have experience of serving on most of the Society’s board committees which has allowed me to participate in the democratic decision-making process on behalf of you, our membership.

My belief in co-operative values and principles is influenced directly from the requirements of our members. I understand what is expected of me in my role as a director and I have the relevant experience to represent our members in terms of ability to interpret financial information, to understand the Society’s rules and requirements, and importantly I have the availability and commitment to attend the meetings, and to bring challenge on behalf of the members.

Please support me by allowing me to continue with my role to work and represent you.

It would be an honour and privilege to continue representing our members on Scotmid’s Boards of Directors.