Elections for the North Regional Committee

The North Regional Committee requires four members to be elected for a term of three years at the 2015 AGM.

The following members of the North Regional Committee are due to retire by rotation in April 2015.  They were nominated at the OGM 2014 and are eligible for re-election:

John AndersonJohn Anderson

Length of Society Membership: 41 years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 17 years


An Honours graduate in Economics, I was Chief Executive and Secretary of North Tayside Co-op for 25 years.  I am Chair of the North Committee, a Main Board Member and Chair of the Audit Committee.

I have also been on the Board of Co-ops UK in Manchester since 1983 apart from a break of a few years.  I am also Chair of that Audit Committee.  I have been on the Boards of Co-op College, Co-op Party, Co-op Parliamentary Committee, Co-op Group and CIS.

I was Vice Chair of Montrose Harbour Board and a Member of Angus NHS Trust, Radio Tay, Rossie Approved School, Angus College and Montrose Academy.  I was also Chair of Montrose Community Council.

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee Pix-Ar.co.uk Scot Mid North boardMarjory Smith

Length of Society Membership: 16 years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 14 years


I have always been a committed member of the Co-operative Movement, as a member of Scotmid Society, The Co-operative Press, The Fenwick Weavers, The Co-operative Group and past Vice Chair and current Secretary of the Scottish Co-operative Party.

I am the member to the National Executive Committee of the Co-operative Party for Societies across the UK and have been a member of the Scotmid Area/Regional Committees for the past 14 years, recently as Minute Secretary.

I passionately believe in the Co-operative Movement as the best way forward for a fairer society where people share power and work together.  Through Scotmid Society and all other areas of the Co-operative Movement, ordinary people have a voice.

One of the most satisfying parts of being a Regional Committee member is being able make a difference in our communities through the Community Grants.  Our local communities across Scotland have benefitted greatly from these.

As a Primary Head Teacher (now retired), I found the courses run by Scotmid for Regional Members interesting and informative and they helped to give me a fascinating insight into the Scotmid Business.

I am absolutely delighted to be standing again for election to the North Regional Committee and I would encourage all of you reading this statement, to become involved in your local society, credit union, housing co-op etc.  New active members are vital to the health and wellbeing of Scotmid Society and its continued success.

Scotmid_North_ARSheila Elizabeth Downie

Length of Society Membership: 5 years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 3 years


I was born and raised in North Yorkshire and moved to Scotland at the age of 18 to study medicine at Edinburgh University.  I have been married to David for 41 years and have 3 adult children and 2, soon to be 4, grandchildren.  All my children live and work in Scotland.

I have been retired from my job as a Community Paediatrician for 4 years and have enjoyed my role as a Scotmid Regional Committee member since 2012.  I have found the marked contrast to my previous career to be particularly rewarding, especially the training provided to help us understand the retail environment and the Co-operative retail sector in particular.

I was raised with remembering my Lancashire Granny and my Mum shopping in their local ‘Co-ops’ and collecting their ‘divi’.  I feel very comfortable with the whole ethos of the Co-operative movement and how it evolved.

Living in Coupar Angus, where there are two Scotmid stores, I visit one of them most days and feel that they contribute real and recognisable support to the Community by providing convenient local retail outlets, open for long hours.  I know that the grants are very much appreciated by local community groups.

I have always had a keen interest in how diet affects our health and our behaviour, especially that of children.  I am also very keen that Scotmid sources more local produce, especially fruit and vegetables.

I have very much enjoyed being a Regional Committee member and wish to continue to serve members in the North Region.

The following member was nominated at the OGM and is eligible for election:


Length of Society Membership: 1 ½ years


I am a strong believer in shopping locally and I regularly shop at my local Scotmid and Semichem.  I believe the stores play an important part in supporting the local community which makes them stand out from other retailers.

Having spent over nine years working as a manager in the retail industry, I now work within Aberdeenshire Council Sheltered Housing Developments, a job I feel privileged to do.  My role can vary from helping someone to write their shopping list, to the other extreme of calling an ambulance and putting someone in the recovery position.

I also volunteer on a regular basis for the Angus Foodbank at their distribution point in Brechin.

I have been married for 18 years and have two children who are both at school, one in Laurencekirk and one in Luthermuir.