Scotmid Community Orchard – Latest News

We are still seeking applications from groups in the areas shown below!

In December, the Society launched an environmental and wellbeing initiative that aims to benefit nearly 200 communities across Scotland and the north of England. ‘Scotmid Community Orchard’ and ‘Lakes & Dales Community Orchard’ provides funding for the planting of fruit trees and bushes in the areas served by Scotmid and Lakes & Dales Coop. Groups near each store are encouraged to apply for funding to plant five or more plants in a community space. The initiative awards up to £200 to each successful applicant to fund the purchase of plants. The aim is to encourage people to work together to increase physical activity and improve local environments. Orchards offer opportunities for volunteering, learning new skills, creating habitats for wildlife, and producing an array of edible produce. This initiative is part of the Society’s commitment to promoting green spaces and let nature thrive.

Following the first round of applications, hundreds of trees have already been planted. Recipients have been invited to join a community group on Facebook where members share tips, stories and photos. We particularly enjoyed seeing this timelapse of Broomhouse Community Orchard coming to life with 19 fruit trees!

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