Scotmid Signals Radio Support for Govanhill Crime Reduction Partnership

Scotmid Co-operative has teamed up with Police Scotland and other traders on Victoria Road, Govanhill in a bid to tackle shoplifting and other antisocial behaviour.

The convenience retailer has introduced a Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme and donated 13 two-way radios to support better instant communication and information sharing between shops in the area, and it is hoped this joined-up approach will help prevent shoplifting sprees from occurring.

Donald Black, from Scotmid’s Shared Security Services Team, said: “The Scotmid family of businesses, which includes Semichem, are committed to the communities in which they operate, and to working in partnership with the police and other local retailers and organisations when necessary.

“After issues concerning Victoria Road retail crime were highlighted to us, Scotmid has taken the initiative by developing a Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme that we hope will benefit the community as a whole. 

“We are delighted at the response shown to this collaborative solution by local retailers in the Govanhill area.”  

PC Craig Dinnett, Local Community Officer for Police Scotland, said: “Police Scotland is pleased to support this excellent scheme, established by Scotmid and its retail partners. The establishment of the Victoria Road Crime Reduction Partnership is a major step in addressing the problems experienced by retailers in Govanhill.

“The promotion of good communication and sharing of information and resources between individual retailers and the police is key to reducing the losses suffered through thefts by shoplifting.

“Shopwatch schemes have already been successful in other retail areas – by working together, security on Victoria road can be improved and the shared aim of keeping retailers and their customers safe can be achieved.”

Participants in the Victoria Road Crime Reduction Partnership Scheme include:

·       Semichem

·       Superdrug

·       Sainsburys

·       Farmfoods

·       Salvation Army

·       Lidl

·       Marie Curie

·       Barnardos

·       Cancer Research UK

·       Ramsdens

·       Optical Express

·       Japp Opticians

·       Inex Hardware

·       Oxfam

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