Elections for the East Regional Committee

The East Regional Committee requires three members to be elected for a term of three years at the 2015 AGM.

The following members of the East Regional Committee are due to retire by rotation in April 2015.  They were nominated at the OGM 2014 and are eligible for re-election:

John MillerJohn (Ian) Miller

Length of Society Membership: 36 years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 12 years


I have served on the East Regional Committee since 2003 and would be delighted to continue doing so.  I was honoured to have been elected to sit on the Board of Directors for a second term

I have vast experience over many years promoting the Co-operative Movement.  I worked as a Branch Manager for the Society in the Penicuik Department store for 15 years.  I am a Director of Co-operative Educational Trust Scotland, promoting Co-operation within our Schools.  I am a founding Member of Fairtrade Midlothian and have promoted this policy not only within Midlothian but also Scotland wide, with of course great help from Scotmid.  I am delighted that Midlothian is now a Fairtrade Zone.

I am very active within the political wing of the Co-operative and Labour movement.  I stood as a Labour and Co-operative Candidate in 2010 Westminster and 2011 Scottish Parliament elections.  I am presently Secretary of the Midlothian Co-operative Party.  I am a former Chair of the Scottish Co-operative Party and now represent the Society on the Scottish Executive and Independent Co-operatives on U.K. Executive

I am a founder Committee Member of Penicuik Athletic Junior Football Club which commenced again after being out  of the league for 10 years.  Most Junior Clubs in Scotland are run on the Co-operative model, Penicuik being one of them.  I am also involved in the Supporters Direct movement.  I firmly believe in the Co-operative  model and promote the ideal in all aspects of any organisations I am involved in.

Grace SmallmanGrace Rae Williamson Smallman

Length of Society Membership: 55 Years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 16 years


I would like to be elected to the East Regional Committee as it has been part of my life for many years.  In addition to serving on the East Regional Committee for 15 years I have also served on the Board and on the Board’s Search Committee for 3 years.  I enjoy participating in Membership activities and I regularly support the Society at events organised by the Membership team.

I began work in 92 Fountainbridge 55 years ago in the then Club Department working my Saturday afternoon in the Nicolson Street Drapery.

I have been a member of the Scottish Co-operative Guild and I am Treasurer of Drumbrae Guild.  For a time I was Treasurer of Section IV of the Guild and also the Scottish Co-operative Party.  Being a member of the Regional Committee, we are involved in the Community Grants which different groups apply to each  month.  We also go on shop visits and sometimes are delegated to go to conferences.

I am also active in our local church being part of the Guild of St Luke, praying for the sick and bereaved in the local area.

David ReidDavid  Robert Reid

Length of Society Membership: 29 years

Length of service on the Regional Committee: 6 years


I was elected in May 2006 and served as a Member of the Scotmid Member Relations Committee, and have participated in various promotional events representing the Society at Conferences and meeting during my term of office.

I was elected to serve as a Member of the East Regional Committee in 2009 and it has been my privilege to represent the Society and its Members at many local and Society events.  I find all aspects of the Regional Committee interesting –  training courses, meetings and combined meetings with other Regions discussing Scotmid’s business performance.

I also find the Community Grant Scheme is an interesting and important aspect of Regional Committee work.  I believe in the Values and Principles of the Co-operative movement and one member one vote.

I am a member of the Congregational Board of Cockenzie and Port Seton Old Parish Church.  I am also a member of Cockenzie and Port Seton Fisherman’s Association.