Michael Ross


Full Name: Michael Ross

Length of Society Membership: 19 years

I am a Trainee Solicitor based in Falkirk.

I have considerable experience of both Business and Politics. I have served as a Councillor in North Lanarkshire for 19 years and have held a wide range of positions both internally and externally including with the former Strathclyde Police Authority.

I have represented Members on the West Regional Committee since 2003, where I currently hold the post of Secretary. I have particularly enjoyed raising concerns on behalf of members and discussing issues with them and staff whilst participating in Shop’s Visits and at other times.

As a Labour and Co-operative Party Councillor I have enjoyed formulating policies with fellow Co-operators at Policy Fora and at Conference and seeking to have these implemented.

Among the many Groups with whom I work is the Motherwell Fair Trade steering group which, over the years, has successfully achieved and sustained Fair Trade status for Motherwell and surrounding villages.

Scotmid faces many challenges in the immediate future and over the longer term, I believe I have the skill set and vision to make a difference to the Society and to help guide it on behalf of members.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and cooking. I am passionate about board games and card games and help run a successful gaming group in Motherwell.